Sep 15—17, 2023
Sep 15–17, 2023

Featured Artists

A&A Creative Ambassadors

2022 Evergy Featured Artist

Cecilia Labora, Glass Artist & Jewelry Designer

Glass artist and jewelry designer, Cecilia Labora, of Kansas City, Missouri, a Mexico native, has been selected as the Evergy Featured Artist for Autumn & Art 2022: “Expressing creativity has always been a part of my life,” the artist said. “As a small child I spent countless hours playing with seed beads, or as they were known to me in my native Mexico, “chaquira.” In 2003 I learned about handmade glass beads, also known as flameworked or lampworked glass beads. I took a class as soon as I could find one and my love affair with molten glass began. My passion for this art form continues to grow with every bead I make.”

Starting in 2011, one artist or artist team has been selected to represent Autumn & Art as our Featured Artist. 

These artists have acted as an ambassador for our event, and we are so grateful that they have generously shared their talents with us!

Past Featured Artists

2021: Sharon Sudduth, Painting

2020: Mary Ann & Michael Holmes AKA M. Robinson, 2D Mixed Media

2019: John Kennington, Photography

2018: Chris McCarthy, Glass

2017: Jeff & Judy Goodwin, Jewelry

2016: Barbara Mason, Drawing

2015: Ernest Vincent Wood III, Painting

2014: Prince Duncan Williams, Fiber

2013: Pamela Spika, 2D Mixed Media

2012: Jeffery Cannon, Painting

2011: JD Hillberry, Drawing